A website with a great UX, generating quality leads.

Whatever you do as a person, business or organization – whether it’s exhibiting art, selling a SAAS product or receiving donations – your website can be a vehicle for growth.

What is a lead generating website?

A lead generating website is a website that is designed and built to create more leads for your business. By delivering value to the visitor (rich, targeted and useful content), the websites we build are focused on your customer / visitor. With the right Call To Actions and the right internal resources prepared, your website will register new connections and you will able to follow up on those connection accordingly.

Keeping it simple.

Our motto is to keep things simple. We bootstrap projects (we start small) and make sure to test and validate before investing more efforts and scaling. With a new website, we usually build a prototype fast, collect your feedback and go forward until we have a solid, working, and good looking core. From there, we can take it anywhere. Step by step.

Robin van Dalen

Founder / Owner


"Our online presence has improved a lot."

“2020 was a vibrant year for Inuka. Our online presence has improved a lot since we’ve started working with Twan. He also is very proactive, and you know that he won’t just do what you ask him to, but goes beyond and above to already prevent problems before they happen. I feel in safe hands!”

Nomad Cartel Website Packages.

Every package comes with the same VIP service that we apply to all our customers.

*The time to get your website online highly depends on your own ability to supply us with the correct content and content form. Read more on how we work on content management with our clients.

Website Package Features Explained

Read all about what our website features mean. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Every website needs a custom design to suit the target audience. It’s more or less impossible to create a good website based off a template, without significantly altering that template. Moreover, altering a template is usually much more time consuming and unnecessarily complex compared to custom designing a website from scratch.
A page type is a unique, custom designed page template that will be used to display your services, products, company pages, staff member profiles, blog pages, or other post types. The number of page types is an important measurement for how complex a website is, and the time it takes to design one.
WordPress is the most used Content Management System in the world. It’s a widely trusted CMS and there are thousands of developers creating new applications and features onto WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to update your content, post new pages, posts, images, news, podcasts, or any other content.

When we design a website for you, we actually design 3 versions. Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. Now, we understand there are many screen-sizes, and so we use fluid web design methods when designing your website. Fluid design means your website will look good no matter what the screen-size is to view it.

Most websites on the internet fail to load fast enough for visitors to keep being engaged. A slow website will cost your business leads, clients, and therefore money. We use the latest web performance methods to make sure all pages on your website loads within 2 seconds (generally known to be a key threshold before people disengage. Read more on how we do this here.
Together with your knowledge of your target market, we design custom Call To Actions (CTAs) for your website. This means visitors of your website always will know how to connect with you, work with you, or become a member or follower of (for example) your e-mail list or social channels. Call To Actions need to be specifically designed for your target clients, and also should be suited to your own company resources.
Website security is very important, as in these days there are many bots, hackers, and criminals trying to get control over websites for their own gains. By using a secure login URL with strong login usernames and passwords, we make sure your website is more secure than 90% of the websites online. If you require more advanced security, please have a look at our Advanced Security Module.
Let visitors share your content through their own social channels. By adding simple but effective social sharing buttons to your posts, we invite readers of your content to share it to their social channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook. The more valuable, provoking, and inspiring you create your posts, the more likely it is that readers will share it on their channels.
Nowadays all websites need to have a cookie banner to inform the visitor that cookies are used. Cookies are small text files that are stored to the users’ browser by the website they visit. Some of the cookies set by a website are essential and must be used by the website so that it can function properly, others are used for tracking and analytics purposes. If you want to be sure you adhere to all local laws on cookies, consider purchasing our Advanced Cookie Banner Module to your website package.
We make sure that your website will be picked up by the Google Index, and thus can be found through Google Search. We use the highly rated Yoast SEO plugin for our websites to realise this. We also make sure that when your website is shared on social channels, the displayed featured image and meta description of your homepage are well set.
Google Analytics, you will be able to monitor many interesting statistics about your website visitors. You will be able to see how many people visit your website, where they come from, how they arrive at your website, which pages they visit and for how long they browse your website. You can also see how many people visit your site via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. There are many more things that Google Analytics can show you. See our Analytic packages for more information.
In our website management tutorial we will explain you how to update your website (text, images, new posts), how to add more users to your website, and how to secure your website (change the password or login url). If you are looking to expand your website further (adding pages, post types, or other functionalities) please have a look at our Advanced Website Tutorial Packages.


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SEO is still the #1 strategy to becoming an online authority within your niche.


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What our clients say about us:

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"Professional collaboration"

“We’ve experienced the collaboration as smooth and professional. Surely with a large website and online presence things can go wrong, but the people of Nomad Cartel have shown their will and ability to generate results.”

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