Website audit. How is your website performing? What can be improved?

Quickly discover the pain points of your website. We scan for technical optimization and for design / UX / CRO improvements.

How do we do the audit?

We go to your website and will start instantly with documenting our first impression as a non-informed or generic visitor. We then do the same from a targeted relevant visitor’s perspective. We scan your website quickly at first and conclude our UX. We then read your website carefully and conclude on CRO improvements. We check your Call To Actions, and see how fast we can engage with your business through your site. Finally we scan all technical features and perform speed tests.

Keeping it simple.

There are agencies out there that charge thousands of euro’s to do audits. We believe in bootstrapping projects and starting small. So you’ll quickly have a good idea about what needs to be done next.

Our audit packages.

Audits are vital to understand your current online presence, and to give a head start to your ambition to improve it.

Quick audit

€ 290

Get a great fast understanding of the quality of your website.

Time to complete: 48 hours

Full audit

€ 590

Get a great fast understanding of your online presence (including SEO and marketing channels).

Time to complete: 5 working days

Stay up to date with our monthly audit service.

€ 390 p /month

Do you want a monthly detailed audit of your website? This services is based on our full audit features.

Audit Package Features Explained.

Read all about what our audit features mean. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

User Experience is what makes or breaks a website. As mentioned above, we scan your site with 2 perspectives. First as a generic non-informed visitor that has little understanding of your industry or services. Secondly as a targeted visitor who is looking to buy from a firm like yours.

How well is your website able to convert visitors into leads? We first read your website carefully to discover improvement possibilities for your marketing copy.  We’ll check the Call To Actions and engagement options your website offers visitors. We also check your Analytics and Google Tag Manager (if you have these installed) to see actual conversion numbers.

Speed is one of the most important aspects of any website. A poor performing website loses visitors very quickly. Patience is at an all time low these days. People expect fast loading times. We scan your site using Google page speed test, pingdom, and GTMetrix. We include tips and tricks how to solve these issues.
We check how your website is built, how its architecture is designed, which software and CMS is used, and advise on possible improvements.

Discover for which keywords your website ranks, what your organic traffic is, your domain authority, and how your backlinks perform. We’ll also check your on-page SEO score, any critical indexing problems and do a competitor check so you know who is your biggest online competitor in terms of online authority on your topics.

If you have any social channels, specific campaigns, landing pages, and media mentions, we’ll analyse those as well in our full audit. The goal is to conclude whether your online presence is coherent, and aligned.

Most websites include various content types to create value for its visitor. This can be in the form of blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, graphics, or other content. We’ll advise on how you can improve your content marketing.

Other services.


A professional website developed with high UX and CRO standards, within your budget.


SEO is still the #1 strategy to becoming an online authority within your niche.

VPS hosting

A dedicated managed Virtual Private Server for your online presence.


Updates, backups, security, safety. Useful things.


Copywriting, graphic design, video and animations.

What our clients say about us:

Sebastien Goethals

Business Owner


"Professional collaboration"

“We’ve experienced the collaboration as smooth and professional. Surely with a large website and online presence things can go wrong, but the people of Nomad Cartel have shown their will and ability to generate results.”

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