Searching for the SEO sweet spot

SEO is as powerful
as it is underestimated.

Building an online presence? SEO is a very powerful and underestimated tool. Everyone Google’s everything these days. Your website should be easily found for the main keywords that your target audience uses to try to find your services.

SEO Package Features Explained.

We connect your website to Google’s Search Console which will fasten the process of Google indexing your website in it’s database.
We will create a sitemap for your website that helps search engines understand the structure of your website better and faster. We will upload the sitemap in Google Search Console.
Keyword research usually starts with deciding on seed keywords. These are the main starting points for your keyword research and on-page SEO and keyword strategy. To find the best seed keywords you will need to answer questions such as “what’s my website about?”, “what do I sell?”, “what keywords do I think I want to rank for?” or “if someone will start to do research on the topic of my business, what keywords will he or she use?”.
Header tags are the H1, H2 and H3s of your pages and posts. They are structured hierarchically and are very important to the search engines. These header tags should be based on factors such as user intent, keyword research, relevance, catchiness, and more.
Your page titles are in fact your SEO titles. These are the titles that are seen in the search results of search engines like Google. Page titles help you rank for a keyword, and they function as a tool to help users click through to your page. The width and length of your page titles are important, as search results can only display a limited number of characters. You page titles should usually contain your focus keyphrase.
Your page and post urls should be focused, to make it as clear as possible on what the content is about. We always keep urls as short as possible, unless a longer url makes sense for the user and improves clarity. Also when creating breadcrumbs on your site, short urls improve the overview in search results.
Focus keyphrases are basically the main keywords that you want your page to rank for. Based on the keyword research and the purpose of the page or post, we’ll set the focus keyphrases accordingly. The meta titles and descriptions usually will contain the focus keyphrases, as well as the page title, and some of the paragraphs (for example the introduction) and titles on the actual page. Focus keyphrases can also be bolded to improve the visibility for search engines.
Search results (in for example Google) will show page titles, and the page meta titles and meta descriptions. These are of utmost important for users when viewing the search results. It’s the first impression of a page for the user, so you’d better create a resonating description and title for your pages and posts. Meta information usually will contain your focus keyphrases especially in the beginning of the title or description.
When sharing a page or post url through social media or chats, you can enrich it by assigning a specific featured image to it. This will improve the user experience when sharing your online content. Featured images should be properly assigned, named and sized.
Using proper taxonomies is one of the most important ways to structure your website. The two most important taxonomy setting for a WordsPress website are Categories and Tags. But also other taxonomies can arise, when using different content types then just pages or posts. Your taxonomy settings should resemble your content silo’s, that are based on keyword research.
Images are an important part of a website and of online content in general. For speed optimisation purposes, the size and format of the image are important. For SEO purposes, the filename, image title, alt text, caption, and description are all important factors you will need to consider.
Before your content can rank high in Google (or other search engines), it needs links. Your content will be found best when it has links from within and from outside of your website. Internal links are mostly useful to let Google understand your site structure better, while external links are great to increase your domain authority and link juice.
A robot.txt file will tell the search engines which pages it should crawl on your website and which pages it shouldn’t crawl. All search engines know how to read a robot.txt file, and there are several useful functionalities that you may want to use for your website, so that crawlers treat your website in the way that you want to.
Google Search Console can tell a lot about each individual url of your website. Like its discoverability, accessibility, and indexability. This tool will help us discover and fix any SEO issues within specific urls.
The Advance Schema markup/structured data codes increase the chance of showing more rich information (so called rich snippets) on the Google results page. These codes help Google better understand the content of your site. For example: having a star rating appear for your product on the search engine will attract more customers to your website, resulting in better conversions.
Google Search Console is a very important tool for you as a website owner. It can show you how your website pages appears in Google’s search results. Therefore it can also show you how your structured (rich snippets) data is featured. The structured data analyses in Search Console is located in the Enhancement reports.
404 errors are very common (but unnecessary) on the internet. There’s always a way to fix a 404 (a link to a non existing url), unless users just type in a typo in their browser of course. The first step to fixing a 404 error is finding the 404 errors. When found, fixing every 404 error that visitors see on your website becomes more easy. There are many reasons 404 errors appear, and fixing them will need a multi faceted approach.
Sometimes similar content can be found on multiple urls of your website. By using canonical urls (which are basically HTML link tags with the attribute rel=canonical) you can have this duplicated content on your site without hurting your search engine rankings.

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