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The next generation Digital Nomads

We are the next generation Digital Nomads. Although we are not living in one location, we value business results over travelling, and a solid office space over coffee bars. We’re a collective of web designers, SEO experts, video producers, music producers, content writers, graphic designers and marketing strategists. We operate from Amsterdam, Tallinn, Bangkok, Athens, Kerala, Chengdu, and Seoul, serving clients globally.

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Twan Roubroeks

As the founder of Nomad Cartel, Twan is writing the Manifesto and has brought the cartel together under one roof. He is dedicated to push for new fresh ways of working on web development and SEO.

Besides Nomad Cartel, Twan is a partner at

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Melina Papadopoulos

As a marketing strategist, brand builder and storyteller my mission is to entrepreneurs, rising leaders and businesses connect and align with the power of their why and translate that into a meaningful brand story and focused digital marketing strategy.

Besides Nomad Cartel, Melina is a partner at and is the owner of Spark your brand.

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Margus Mith

My insatiable aspirations led me to double down on digital landscape, by then returning to Europe with the eventual birth of North Route, later to be re-crowned as Nomad Cartel.

Margus is also affiliated with Estonia’s largest E-Commerce website Maarahvapood.

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Mighil Puthukkudy

Mighil is a growth-driven digital strategist based in Chengdu, China. With hands-on expertise in China’s internet landscape, Linux servers and growth marketing; he is dedicated to setting up the server foundation for the top-notch websites we build.

Mighil is the owner of

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James Whiting

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, James leads our business development and partnerships in the ASEAN region. He has 15 years’ experience in marketing and communications and over six years as a freelance writer and editor, providing consultancy services to the United Nations and local businesses in SE Asia.

James founded a digital agency in Bangkok called BlaBla Media.

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Kerry Waananen

I eat really spicy food and allow myself to experience life to the fullest – the two are correlated, I’m convinced. The deep intrigue in the relationships between humans and technology and its affect on culture motivates everything I pursue.

Kerry is Head of Multimedia Content and a Business Journalist for Esports Insider, the leading esports industry media and events company.

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Ho Chi Minh

Tommy Baik

Tommy is a multi talented brand director and graphic designer from South Korea. He’s a highly disciplined man who has gone through two years of full time military training right before moving to Vietnam to pursue his next move. As a brand director for a mobile app start-up, and graphic design expert in the Nomad Cartel, Tommy delivers true value to our collective.

Tommy also work for Muka App.

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Mailys Perrin

A Parisian lost in Amsterdam. Mailys is an enthusiastic designer with over 10 years experience. She started as freelancer in 2017 and focusses her research on design, art and communication. As a creative, colour lover and problem solver, she loves to create new ways to communicate through design.

Mailys has been an entrepreneur since several years and has established her freelance business in the Netherlands.

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Robert Aps

Robert helps companies define and refine their messages. His skills rest on a formal background in PR and communication studies along with a decade-long content creation experience. Your website gets an edge over the competitors when you opt for his services, such as communication strategies, copywriting, and UX audits.

Robert also manages social channels and digital marketing for the Traffel platform.

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Wendy Wan

Wendy is the backbone of our administrative and legal business. She’s also our support for handling Chinese clients. As a highly educated and well spoken person, she takes care of process management and client communications. Wendy is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, and has a particular interest in Buddhism and culture.

Wendy also co-manages an international agency in Chengdu called Family Business.


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