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Robin van Dalen

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"Onze online aanwezigheid is sterk verbeterd!"

"Onze online aanwezigheid is aanzienlijk verbeterd sinds we in 2020 zijn gaan samenwerken met Twan. Hij is zeer proactief, en je weet dat hij niet alleen doet wat je hem vraagt, maar hij gaat verder dan dat om problemen al te voorkomen voordat ze zich voordoen. Ik voel me in veilige handen!"

Key achievements


Monthly visitors

Of which 50% through organic seasrch


Monthly new leads

Using a variety of lead magnets


page on Google

For an increassing # of keywords

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Inuka Coaching & the Nomad Cartel

Inuka Coaching is a fast growing startup in the mental health space. Three years ago we reached out to the CEO proposing to collaborate on their online presence. We never stopped working together since that day. We’ve upgraded and expanded their website numerous times, and helped them create a lead magnet strategy that captures e-mail addresses of interested and relevant potential customers as well as mental health coaches.

Over the past years, Inuka Coaching has seen considerable growth and their online traffic has increased to thousands of monthly visitors since we started working together.

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