Fair prices, higher quality work.

We are a group of independent freelancers based in the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam and Greece, united in a collaboration called the Nomad Cartel. We stand for fair prices for both clients and freelancers, and solidarity amongst them. This, we believe, will result in higher quality work, which means less revisions and less time wasting. This, in turn, results in lower prices per product/service and higher hourly rates. A true win-win.

Free for all?

Are freelancers really free? We believe one should work hard to achieve success, but we also stand for a fair distribution of opportunities and wealth. We see that the world is becoming more complex as the liberal policies of countries creates a ‘free for all’ kind of world where people are subjected to the woes of whoever comes up with an idea. Well, this is our idea: More equality, less absurd exploitations. There is no safety net for freelancers. Nor for ripped off clients. At the Nomad Cartel, we stand together to help each other. And with that, we help our clients too.

Ending the race to the bottom

The Nomad Cartel was founded in 2020, firstly as a movement to stop the ‘race to the bottom’ in the global digital nomad freelance world. The year preceding the foundation of the Cartel, we noticed that many digital nomads were working for too low rates to live their lives in a sustainable way. In fact, it is shown that the Gig Economy poses great risks for freelancers charging too little for their hard work. Not only is the risk confined to the freelancing Nomad, but also for the society as a whole. In the case of an economic crisis, freelancers (which now comprise of 50% of the total working population globally) aren’t prepared. Who will help them? Well, this is why we founded the Nomad Cartel.

Join us if you are an ambitious Nomad wanting to work with friendly people on a system that we are scaling in a sustainable and fair way.