WordPress maintenance. We treat our websites like we treat our family.

Every website needs an administrator who can monitor performance & security, troubleshoot issues, and advise on technical improvements.

What is WordPress website maintenance?

WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content Management System for websites worldwide. That doesn’t mean WordPress can’t be a technical challenge. When a website grows, so does its complexity. WordPress websites usually are built with plugins, page builders, themes, and various integrations with other platforms. These all need to be updated, monitored, and fixed when needed. Besides general updates and fixes, we also include speed improvements, redesigns, and other optimisations in our maintenance packages.

Keeping it simple.

Our motto is to keep things simple, where possible. We bootstrap projects and make sure to test and validate before investing more efforts and scaling. With maintenance, we first audit your website to see what maintenance package suits your website best. As your website grows, your maintenance efforts should grow along with it. Step by step we will grow your online presence the right way.

Nomad Cartel website maintenance packages.

Mutual trust is crucial when letting a third party take care of your website. We truly appreciate the trust we receive from our clients, and we go above and beyond to deliver on that trust.

Other services.


A professional website developed with high UX and CRO standards, within your budget.


SEO is still the #1 strategy to becoming an online authority within your niche.


Monitor and track web visitors, analyze behavior, and improve flow and conversions.

VPS hosting

A dedicated managed Virtual Private Server for your online presence.


Copywriting, graphic design, video and animations.

What our clients say about us:

Sebastien Goethals

Business Owner


"Professional collaboration"

“We’ve experienced the collaboration as smooth and professional. Surely with a large website and online presence things can go wrong, but the people of Nomad Cartel have shown their will and ability to generate results.”

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