Managed WordPress hosting

Backups, e-mail accounts, php versions, resource management, dns settings, errors, ssl security, configuration issues. You name it. It’s included.

Why hosting matters

Web hosting is like a reliable home for your website. It keeps your site accessible and fast online, ensuring visitors can find and use it easily. Good hosting guarantees minimal downtime and secure data, building trust with users. It’s the foundation that supports your online presence and business growth.

Do it yourself?

You can definitely set up your own hosting service and install WordPress without us doing it for you. Follow our video course on hosting to get the exact same setup as we would do for you, for a fraction of the price.

Robin van Dalen

Founder / Owner


"Our online presence has improved a lot."

“Our online presence has improved a lot since we’ve started working with Nomad Cartel. He also is very proactive, and you know that he won’t just do what you ask him to, but goes beyond and above to already prevent problems before they happen. I feel in safe hands!”

Hosting features explained

This includes PHP updates, resource limit control, and server updates.

Common errors are SSL certificate renewal errors, PHP errors due to plugin or theme updates, resource limit errors or redirect issues.

This is the number of processing cores of a server. 1 Core is enough for most websites, while multiple cores gives more security and speed.

Needed website storage can quickly grow when uploading images, documents and other media assets to a website.

We provide and install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for secured access to your website.

This is the memory on a server to help keep your website up to speed and served at all times. The larger this memory, the better your website is cached and available to visitors.

The amount of traffic that can go through your website on a monthly basis.

We make sure the server settings are updates continuously and optimized for speed.

You will be able to create as many subdomains on your website as you need.

We make sure the setup is search engine friendly and your website will be indexed.

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