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We manage your hosting. Backups, e-mail accounts, php versions, resource management, dns settings, errors, ssl security, configuration issues. You name it. It’s included.

What is VPS hosting?

A server is a powerful computer that stores all the data and files of your website. It then ‘serves’ your website to whoever types in your website url in their browser. Virtual private servers are created by using technology to split a physical server into several independent (virtual) parts. Each part having its own memory and processors. This means one machine can be used for several users, without sharing the server resources. VPS hosting can be considered as premium hosting, and can deliver much better results compared to shared hosting.

Keeping it simple.

Our motto is to keep things simple, where possible. We bootstrap projects and make sure to test and validate before investing more efforts and scaling. With VPS hosting, we only offer 2 packages to our clients. One package for smaller websites with lower traffic, and one package for larger websites with larger traffic. Step by step we will grow your online presence and assist you with our hosting solutions.

Nomad Cartel VPS hosting packages.

Reliable, fast, managed by a professional team of server configuration experts.

Why hosting should be part of your strategy.

Solid hosting is one of the most overlooked aspects when developing and growing an online presence. The technical details of hosting options are often confusing and even misleading. We believe spending a bit extra on hosting pays off. Hosting should be part of your strategy, because it can result in a competitive advantage for your business.

Hosting features explained

Read all about what our hosting features mean. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Other services.


A professional website developed with high UX and CRO standards, within your budget.


Monitor and track web visitors, analyze behavior, and improve flow and conversions.


Monitor and track web visitors, analyze behavior, and improve flow and conversions.


Updates, backups, security, safety. Useful things.


Copywriting, graphic design, video and animations.

What our clients say about us:

Sebastien Goethals

Business Owner


"Professional collaboration"

“We’ve experienced the collaboration as smooth and professional. Surely with a large website and online presence things can go wrong, but the people of Nomad Cartel have shown their will and ability to generate results.”

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