About us

Why we do this

"We have to use more renewable energy. A lot more. The all-hands-on-deck kind of more."

In short: We have to go green. This requires smart real-time software, which is expensive to make. We offer the FlexMeasures EMS as open-source, to those who aim to stay in control and value transparency.
why Seita

Our mission

To create mature intelligent software, which turns energy flexibility into cost- and CO₂ savings.

Our vision

AI-based optimization of energy flexibility is straightforward and affordable, across the world.

1. We have to go green

Flexible assets and processes can help to achieve the necessary supply-demand matching.

However, we will not turn flexible assets or processes on and off by hand. Businesses who own and/or operate flexible assets need intelligent software to automate this.

bring green energy and its consumption together

2. Match green energy with demand

What is the task of this intelligent software?

To bring green energy and its consumption together.

There are two ways this can work:

  • Either, we shift the time of consumption to the times when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing.
  • Or, we move the green energy to the times of consumption, via storage.

In both cases, the optimal timing makes the difference, in costs and CO₂ savings.

3. Innovate openly & get going

We truly believe that the energy transition needs open & rapid innovation.


The bottleneck we target: Writing software with AI components is expensive.

Open source software creates tremendous value in win-win outcomes. It also helps to spread innovation at a faster rate. That is precisely what we need to fight climate change effectively.

If energy management software like FlexMeasures is open source, stakeholders can start collaborating without solving their make-or-buy decision first, and do so in transparent fashion.