Analytics to measure your online progress.

Keep track of your online presence progress by analysing the right numbers. Website Analytics are more powerful than most website owners realise.

Nomad Cartel Analytics Packages.

Essential analytics setup.

€ 490

Understand your traffic, start acting upon data.

Time to complete: 1 week

Advanced analytics setup.

€ 1290

Add Google Tag Manager and start tracking goals.

Time to complete: 3 weeks

New: Private analytics setup.

€ 1490

Don't want Google to own your data? Consider our privacy analytics package.

Time to complete: 3 weeks

The important of analytics

Google Analytics offers invaluable insights to website owners. It unveils visitor behaviour, traffic sources, and popular content, aiding informed decisions. Conversion tracking refines strategies, while user flow analysis enhances user experience. This data-driven tool transforms websites into powerful, user-centric platforms, fostering growth and achieving business goals.

Do it yourself?

You can also setup, connect and analyse Google Analytics yourself. It takes a few hours but then you know how it’s done and you’re in full control. For 10% of the costs you are able to create the same setup as we would do it ourselves.

Analytics Package Features Explained.

We setup a new fresh Google Account, create an analytics tracking code through Google Analytics, insert the code on your website, and test the connection.
This is one of the most important and valuable parts of our Website Analytics packages. Without cleaning your data by inserting the correct filters, you’ll be measuring the wrong data and making the wrong conclusions.
Depending on your business, customer lifecycle, lead generation process, and audience specifics, we create a dashboard in Google Analytics that suits your needs. Like this, new insights are only a click away.
After our analytics setup and constructing your dashboard, we will invite you for a 60min training on how to view, interpret, and edit your analytics dashboard. Of course you may invite other team members to this meeting to get the most out of it.
Digital marketing is all about data. No matter what kind of website you have, it’s important to understand how visitors engage with it. Although Google Analytics can help you discover a lot of useful things about your visitors, using Google Tag Manager you will be able to gather much more relevant data. You can use GTM not only for Google services (like analytics or advertisements), but also for third party services (like HotJar, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
With Google Analytics we can create specific goals to track, such as form submissions, e-commerce purchases, button clicks, to funnel phases. These goals will then be translated to ‘event types’ in Google Tag Manager. We’ll create the triggers and tags to actually start measuring the defined goals in Google Analytics.
When you have a website that sells a service or product online, we can use additional configuration so you can start tracking sales with Google Analytics. This is possible because of the built-in e-commerce tracking features. By implementing them, we’ll be able to analyse the revenue, sales, products sold, and more, directly within your Google Analytics account. Like this, it will become more easy to see the direct impact of your marketing efforts in one view.
By analysing your website traffic data, there’s a big chance we’ll detect certain improvement possibilities for your website. Like this, you’ll be able to make website edits based on hard data, not on guesses or opinions.
Privacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s data driven world. We offer the options to completely migrate your analytics from Google to Matomo. Matomo Analytics provides you with 100% data ownership. Like this, the privacy of your website visitors can be protected from third parties like Google.
When you already have a Google Analytics account for your website, and you’ve been tracking and collecting data for a while, it’s important to correctly migrate your analytics history to Matomo. We will do this for you.
With Matomo Analytics we will be able to create visitor heatmaps for you without using a third party software application like HotJar. With heatmaps, you’ll be able to directly discover which areas of each page on your website are mostly looked at by visitors. A very valuable insight in some situations.

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