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SEO audit. How does your website perform in terms of Search Engine Optimisation?

Quickly discover the status of your SEO performance, and get a clear direction on how to improve it. We always think one step ahead.

How do we do the audit?

We scan your website using the best SEO software available (ahrefs, semrush, and ubersuggest). We discover your website domain authority, backlink profile, links, organic traffic, organic search terms,  for your target keywords, your competitors’ rankings and best performing keywords, and much more.

Keeping it simple.

There are agencies out there that charge thousands of euros to do audits. We believe in bootstrapping projects and starting small. So you’ll quickly have a good idea about what needs to be done next.

Our SEO audit packages.

Audits are vital to understand your current online presence in terms of SEO and to give a head start to your ambition to improve it.

Audit your SEO every month to see if your efforts are working

€ 590 p /month

Do you want a monthly detailed SEO audit of your website? This services is based on our Pro SEO audit features.

SEO Audit Package Features Explained.

Read all about what our audit features mean. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Your domain authority is the main status of your domain SEO performance. It basically is a number from 1 to 100 which tells you how you rank in search engines compared to all other websites within your niche and beyond. There are hundreds of factors affecting your domain authority, but your link profile and organic rankings are some of the main components.

A link profile is the entirety of links pointing to your website. Google favours links from a wide variety of websites as well as high-authority sites.

These are all the search terms your website (including every page) is ranking for in search engines. You might be amazed what comes out of this analysis, as many websites rank best for keywords that they have no clue about, and therefore can be missing out on huge opportunities.

This is an analysis of your organic traffic, generated by search. If you have Google Analytics installed, we’ll combine its data with ours.

Based on the initial results of our SEO audit, we will generate a shortlist of valuable recommendations for you on how to improve and grow your online visibility.

This is a list of your top performing webpages and the reason why they rank so well on certain keywords.

Very interesting to see is who else is ranking for similar keywords as your site. Your domain competition gives you a wealth of information. Are you on the right track or does this list not make sense and do you need to change your strategy?

Besides your main competitive domains, competitive (individual) webpages are very interesting to analyse as well. You can learn a lot from their content, page layout, customer value, evergreen features, and link profile.

We dive a bit deeper into your SEO performence mainly through your competitors. We pinpoint possible ways to compete (online) in your market, and explain why certain pages of your website perform well and why others don’t.

We log into your website to check the meta information of your pages and posts and whether or not you’re on the right track informing search engines about your posted content.

Your url structure explains a lot about your website to search engines. The emphasis of your content, the main content pillars, and the difference between content that is made for ranking and content that is not.

Taxonomies are very important for SEO. The main reason is that good use of taxonomies improves user experience, improves communication, boosts search experience, and connects people with their interests. It also helps the Google bot understand how content on your website relates.

Your website may or may not have structured data already implemented. We will hop onto your Google Search Console (or connect it if you haven’t yet), and discover all about your structured data and possible errors you need to fix.

While we’re in Google Search Console to check your structured data, we will perform a broader audit on your website using this amazing tool. We check if you uploaded a correct sitemap, check any indexing problems (like 404 pages), and check your click-through rates to determine whether they make sense or not. All of these analyses will give you a better understand of your website SEO performance.

Other services.


A professional website developed with high UX and CRO standards, within your budget.


SEO is still the #1 strategy to becoming an online authority within your niche.

VPS hosting

A dedicated managed Virtual Private Server for your online presence.


Updates, backups, security, safety. Useful things.


Copywriting, graphic design, video and animations.

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