Building Digital Footprints for fair prices

Websites, SEO, online branding. Welcome to the Nomad Cartel.

The Nomad Cartel

We are a small but growing group of Digital Nomads connected through our mission towards a better, safer, greener and more social internet. We have a long term perspective and even though our name suggests otherwise we are open to collaborating with anyone that shares our mission. 

To be clear on what we do: we build websites, perform SEO services and build brands for clients that are making the world a better place to live. We strive to lower our prices rather than raising our prices in the coming years, as we become better and faster in everything we do month by month. 

Nomad Cartel Website Service


Starting at € 1490

A WordPress website built with high development standards.

Nomad Cartel SEO service


Starting at € 990

Keyword research and on-page SEO to generate more traffic.

Nomad Cartel Branding Service


Starting at € 1290

Simple but effective branding that resonates with your target audience.

Case Study

Proud to be Inuka Coaching's trusted website manager since 2020.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the most sustainable and social website agency in the world.


Fair prices

We spent 5 years meticulously creating a system that lets us build professional websites fast and therefore affordable. We don’t desire luxury lifestyles. Our prices are a fraction of what other agencies charge.


The internet is the fastest growing polluting industry in the world. Already accounting for 2 to 4% of global emissions and doubling soon. As webdevelopers, we strive to be environmentally positive A.S.A.P.


Our mission is to help people with lesser opportunities to create a career in (green) web design and development. We believe in the talent of the people we work with. 




"We received compliments on our new website"

“Mama Louise is very dear to me and the look and feel of the website was therefore also important to me. I am very happy with the results and heard nothing but great comments about it so far!” 

Trustworthy service

We are known for our transparent way of working and our dedicated service (we don’t stop until you are satisfied). We go above and beyond to earn your trust.

Clear timelines

We work diligent and quick. We give our clients clear instructions on what we need from them, so we can keep ourselves to our promise of delivering in just weeks.



A brandpack, website, and SEO package with a massive 20% discount.

Jozefien Verloop

Consultant / co-owner


"Super happy with our new Website and branding"

“Within a matter of weeks, the Nomad Cartel helped our consulting firm with a new and impoved branding pack, as well as an entirely new website. We are very satisfied with the results”